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Developed with top communications attorneys, our centralized, paperless system gives cable operators the ability to systemize, simplify and get more done. With Cable1Source, outreach performance, corrective measures and FCC compliance become simplified and reliable, giving you a measurable difference in your bottom line.
Manage All Aspects of EEO Compliance
To comply with FCC rules and regulations, you must have comprehensive and reliable data management services. Cable1Source is a secure, web-based system that allows you to instantly produce a ready-to-file digital EEO report from your job data, with thorough and verifiable documentation of your recruitment efforts. Your current process may take weeks of painstaking effort, but Cable1Source manages a large volume of data in minutes by generating your annual report digitally.
  • Send job opening information via fax and email to recruiting agencies.
  • Measure other outreach efforts, including on-air and print communications.
  • Garner one-click response readiness in the event of an FCC audit.
  • Document your self-assessment measures with our Self Audit tool.
  • Customize our alert system with reminders that suit your needs.
Ensure Complete Compliance and Public Access to Inspection Files
With our e-PIF system, Cable1Source gives your staff a powerful tool for managing and storing files, adding to and updating them, and posting them directly to the Internet in seconds–all through a seamless upload from your Cable1Source account to www.FCC.gov. This easy-to-use, fully synchronized system includes tools that help you ensure complete compliance with federal regulations.
  • Create Public Inspection Files with one simple process.
  • Activate our alert system for customized reminders.
  • Use drag-and-drop technology for quick and streamlined document upload.
  • Brand your online e-PIF page with your logo for easy recognition.
Learn more about the Litéra® Corp. family of document management, collaboration and compliance products.
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