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FCC Compliance is a pivotal part of your business. Cable1Source ensures a secure, simplified, money-saving solution for compliance and record keeping that frees you to focus on your mission: advancing as one of the best in the cable industry.


With Cable1Source, records are safe, secure, and put to use in powerful ways. Empower your data with a reliable, systemized process across your entire enterprise–and discover new potential for the information you track and store each year.


Cable1Source technology allows you to dramatically streamline the hiring process and improve the quality of your recruitment. Recruit the best people in half the time, digitally managing each step from posting to interview tracking to resume storage.


Digitizing your data management frees up valuable staff time and allows you to produce accurate reporting in minutes, not weeks. Imagine what your team will accomplish with the ability to commit more time and resources to other important tasks.
Learn more about the Litéra® Corp. family of document management, collaboration and compliance products.
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